10897843_10153005444816118_2631891188665046906_n.jpgDecember was supposed to be packed with an adventure kayak ride on the Orange river but we got conned – yes that happens too – and lost the trip to our utter disappointment together with the money we invested in it.  To salvage the vacation of his wife and sister my husband decided that Mozambique was the only cure for disappointed hearts, so on New Year’s Eve he bundled us into the car, grabbed a tent and headed for the border.

We got through without any problems but without any plans as to where we were going to sleep – Hubby’s idea of adventure.  We hit Maputo by late afternoon and it was a mess!!!  Traffic rules are considered general suggestions on a normal day – but on New Year’s Eve it went out the window completely and everybody did whatever they could to get to where they needed to be as fast as possible.  Which left us in a traffic jam for a few hours.  The traffic moved slow enough for us to jump out and buy Paos – a delicious local bread – and be back in the car without it having moved more than a few meters.

By 22h00 we had stopped at a few places asking for accommodation without success.  We were thinking about pitching our tent on the beach when we reached Montego Resort.  The owner is a big bearded man with a kind heart and before long we were settled in a room a stone throw away from the ocean.


We woke up the next morning to find the beach literally a dune away from us.  Conrad and Manda went running early and we all went for a swim before heading to the restaurant for brunch.1743686_10153015096471118_2455501924736078575_n

Boerpampoen is the name of barman who tells the most hilarious stories.  We laughed at his jokes as we waited for our food.  The view of the ocean is perfectly unhindered from it’s perch and we spent quite some time there.  The chef knows how to make the best baracuda steaks in town and we were not disappointed in our meal.10923445_10153014915471118_2924900880130081472_n

In fact, we enjoyed the place so much that we decided to stay a few nights longer especially since the price was so reasonable.  The beaches in Mozambique are clean and the water is warm.  Even after a crazy New Year’s Party on the beach everything was cleaned up by noon the following day.

During the afternoon it gets very hot and everybody seeks shelter from the African sun. Montego has hammocks in the trees where the worker’s kids like to hang out.

You can ride quad bikes on the beach or go fishing.  The main beach has a massive tidal pool where you can snorkle.  10922546_10153014936736118_8753348749044399411_n

In the evening there are lots of restaurants that dot the coastline with delicious food and energetic atmospheres.  We found a little restaurant close to Montego that sells the best pizza.

You can also play pool there and the local kids loved hanging out with us.  After a day in the sun we enjoyed good food and the cool breeze floating through the open air restaurant with it’s fisherman’s decor.10898014_10153015070546118_3503387313345144639_n10903979_10153014994996118_332262030585299446_o984256_10153015058486118_5639336369437807814_n

We packed our Captiva the next morning and headed into another unknown direction.  After driving on a dirt/sand road for 36 kilometers we found a place that betrayed the rough road to it.10898008_10153015105111118_5026879892408917906_n  10906111_10153015100861118_2914333581567637211_n

The thatch roof brought a cozy atmosphere to the rich environment and stylish interior of the resort at the mouth of the river.  Zongoene is a luxurious lodge with air conditioned rooms and all the trimmings of being spoiled and pampered.  The men thoroughly enjoyed the swimming pool.

Our room was clean with crisp white linen on the beds.  The mosquito nets were more for decor than necessity as all the windows had gauze in front of them.10917041_10153015099486118_4042397169065760542_n

We had a good breakfast before leaving in the morning.  We still had a day or two left before we had to be back in South Africa and we wanted to see as much as possible of the nearby area as we could.  We came upon East Africa Safari’s who helped us with accommodation right away.


The resorts boasts a huge variety of self catering bungalo’s.  We were given a 2 bedroom place with a loft which can sleep 6 people.  Some of the units house up to 16 people with a sea view and private pools. We were content to simply have a bed for the night, but were impressed with the comfort of the rustic accommodation.

The restaurant turned out to be a treat.  It had interesting decor and huge sliding windows that allowed the sea breeze to float through the air.  They had cricket on the tv and we spent most of the evening there, drinking cocktails and eating while we watched the place fill up with people.  It turned out to be a hotspot for contractors coming back from South Africa to work in Mozambique on building projects after the holiday as well as a retreat for families who like to have adventures on the beach.


The resort offers a huge variety of things to do – from quad biking to snorkling and deep sea fishing charters or jet skiing.  10431518_10153015127026118_7061497596301109295_n

We left in the morning – vowing to come again and explore the area some more.  As we packed up I realized that even though we had made no reservations and toured a foreign country, we never did use the tent we brought along as a back-up plan.

If you would like to have a Mozambique adventure like we did call Easy Gallivant on 017 634 5799 or email us at travel@easygroup.co.za.  We will make sure you don’t have to use a tent either.

Adventure awaits!  Let’s go!