Every now and again my husband and I like to grab our stuff and head out the door with no definite idea of where we are going to stay.  We drive until we find a place and stay there as long as it is exciting and then move on to the next spot.  When he gave me a boat cruise for my birthday we did exactly that … We packed for the cruise and headed to Durban the day before we were supposed to depart from port calling places as we went.  I stumbled unto Goble Palms Guest House on the internet and reserved a place for us for the night.  Booking was a piece of cake!

We hit Pietermaritzburg and got stuck in traffic due to a huge accident in a storm on the highway which meant that we were to arrive at the guest house at 22h00… oops. By the time we reached Durban it was POURING outside.  We showed up at the guesthouse late, wet and tired.

We were met by a friendly man holding umbrellas and helping us with luggage to our room which was absolutely stunning.  The whole space was cozy and gorgeously decorated with attention to detail in all the right places.  The bed had crisp clean linen and the bathroom was spotless.  The room had magazines to read and soap in glass bottles.

We paid somewhere in the area of R500 per person and I did not expect the luxury of the place at that low price.

After a good night’s rest we got up early to get to the harbor.  As we sat down for breakfast we were again surprised by the quality of the food and the huge selections of serial and fruit as well as hot breakfasts to choose from.  The kitchen is an open plan and the staff were well dressed and friendly as they prepared our food.

We are definitely sending some of our clients their way.  The location is within 10 minutes of the harbor, the beaches and Ushaka Marine World.  Parking is secure and the people are friendly.  Definitely a great place to stay at an affordable price.

For bookings call Easy Gallivant at 017 634 5799 or email us at travel@easygroup.co.za

Lots of travel love