11703200_10205792114494367_260840927405271199_nBy Guest Blogger – Louise

One chilly afternoon in May 2016 my daughter, Manda was watching television while I was busy in the kitchen. I walked into the living room and saw that she was busy entering a sms competition to win a trip to the Seychelles. I grabbed my cellphone and pushed it in her hand and asked her to enter for me as well. Her immediate reaction was: ” aggg maaa we will never win”, and with a sigh she sent an sms from my phone as well.

About 3 weeks later I received a phone call from a very friendly and excited Lena: “Good Afternoon, May I speak with Louise please?” I will never forget this phone call, as Lena was calling to inform me that I have won a week long trip to the Seychelles! Immediately I called my daughter to tell her that I have won!! She yelled over the phone how ‘awesome’ this is and then how unfair it was her time and effort sending that text.

Over the next few weeks we were in constant communication with Lena from The Seychelles Islands, making arrangements. We tested this lady’s patience to the max, bombarding her with questions.img_29061


When we arrived at the airport on the 11th of November, the personnel at the Seychelles airline was SO friendly! The whole process of checking in was smooth! Then the flight…. It was just super! When we got off the plane in the Seychelles we were a little stressed, I mean we are two old people in a foreign country. When we got to customs we were greeted by Gretchel, the friendliest girl in all of Seychelles. She took us through to where we needed to be for our flight from Mahe to Praslin. When we arrived at Praslin we were greeted by another friendly face (Mike). It was late at night and we just felt welcome!

Then we arrived at Paradise sun Resort, the reception was overwhelmingly friendly, they were waiting for us. Immediately we felt at home and at ease. In our room we were welcomed with some late night snacks, something we didn’t expect.

Saturday – Thursday was an adventure! We have never experienced such friendly service and hospitality!

Ross (the beverage manager) took us under his wing, he was so helpful and nice! The ladies that cleaned our room, the personnel on the resort and those serving the meals, were all overly friendly and helpful! I really cannot complain about anything or anyone!

Tracy and Mike was so patient with me when we went on the tour and I started feeling ill. She is such a beautiful person!

The food was the best!!

Every time we returned to our room it was clean, even the way the towels were folded were creative and unique.

The island offers a lot of entertainment from scuba diving, snorkelling, a relaxing spa, to fishing and many more! We mainly relaxed and left the fun activities to the younger generation.

At the resort next to ours we saw some of the biggest tortoises  I have ever seen in my life. My heart was aching for they were living in a very small confined space and it seemed like they had no food. I just wanted to set them free when I saw the sadness in their eyes.

The Praslin Island is beautiful and clean, even the beach gets cleaned every morning. It is truly a paradise destination!

We saw some beautiful plant and wild life in the garden of Paradise Sun.

On Thursday night we received some food for an early breakfast on Friday morning as we had to leave for the airport really early. It was very thoughtful!

6’o clock on Friday Morning Mike picked us up and took us back to the airport. Thank you Mike!

When we arrived at Mahe airport I wanted to cry  happy tears when Gretchel was there to meet us again. She took us pass the long ques to the front and beyond to the point where she could not go anymore. Gretchel you are a true friend!

Again a great and comfortable flight. Out of all the airlines we’ve flown, Air Seychelles was the best by far! Friendly, helpful staff and even the food was good!

All I can say is THANK YOU! A HUGE Thank you to Lena at The Seychelles Islands for all your assistance before, during and after our tip! We will definitely make use of your services in the future and refer our family and friends to you! I have a very excited daughter who have now added Seychelles to her Bucket List.

What an unbelievable experience, we will always cherish it as one of the highlights of our lives!

With much appreciation!

Louise & Peet Schoeman