We decided to head into Hazyview on Saturday morning when friends came to visit.  The Skyway Trails seemed like a good way to burn some energy, make memories and have an adventure all wrapped into one.  Our friends brought their 7 year old daughter along as we headed for Perry’s Bridge to gear up.


We reserved an excursion for just after noon over the phone and were welcomed by friendly staff who helped up into our harnesses and fitted goofy helmets and thick leather gloves with padding on the palm.  We were given instructions on how to brake and guide ourselves on the cable lines spanning 1.2 km over a thickly forested ravine with intervals of 9 platforms.  We then got a demonstration and practice run on a low cable just outside the office before getting unto an open safari vehicle for the ride to the sky trail.imageimage

After a bumpy winding dirt road we were dropped off for a short walk through the forest.  The plants in the area is beautiful and the fresh smell of dirt and moss fill the air as you descend down the hillside to the first platform for an exhilarating ride over the treetops.



At the first platform we all looked anxiously at each other to see who would bravely step up to go first.  One of the guides took the jump and zipped to the next platform while the other coaxed us to the step.  One by one we hooked up and exchanged solid ground for adventure in the air.

I was very impressed with how well the guides handled our friend’s daughter.  Being only 7 years old they strapped her to one of them and took her over the ravine.  As soon as she felt comfortable they let her zip over the ravine by herself – always making sure that she was safely strapped in to her harness and hooked up to the cables.  image

imageHalfway through the 8 zip line course we were given bottles of water and a rest in the shade of the forest.

The view is amazing from the treetops.  A stream runs through the ravine and ferns and trees grow all over.


At the last platform we were lowered to the ground with a rope.  Every moment of this experience was worth the R495 we paid for it.  2.5 hours of absolute joy.


If you want an adventure that will test your fear of heights without any real danger, then the skyway trails if definitely for you.  You will not regret it.  Call Easy Gallivant for a booking at 017 634 5799 or email us at

Let’s GO!