As November rolled around I was anxiously scrolling through my Entertainer’s app to find something fun to do for my husband’s birthday.  My fast paced, adventurous hubby is not exactly the type you can entertain with a beer and a movie on the couch, so no easy way out for me!  I was looking for something different, something fun… something that he will remember for the rest of the year – which will of course make my job to find something better next year harder, but hey, we strive for excellence!

My eye caught a two-for-one excursion with Into the Blue – a company that charters scuba and snorkeling excursions in the False Bay area WITH SEALS… I love how seals look like dogs with flippers.  They always seem to be playing and something about their playful nature seemed to fit with my adventurous husband.  This was perfect!  I booked the trip and got really excited about the surprise.

The morning of our planned snorkeling excursion came around a few days later and we showed up at Into the Blue’s office in Sea Point about 4km from the harbour.  Upon arrival we signed an indemnity form and our measurements and shoe sizes were taken for wetsuit fitting. f17a8018-434f-4f99-a755-05e47badaef1

Now hang on all you germaphobes! I know what you are thinking: used wetsuits – EEEEUWWWW! Let me put your mind at ease.  The wetsuits were high quality, 7mm wetsuits that are cleaned and serviced after every excursion.  The team made sure the fit was perfect and they even gave me an extra rash vest to wear underneath to ensure I don’t get cold in the chilly Atlantic sea water. fbcfbe6e-e8c8-422a-9343-32c4d71b8ee25aa5c8b6-7e6f-4ce5-bad0-d9b34a19502e

Yes, I know! Fasion statement of the year.  FYI – wetsuits are really slimming!  We met our skipper at the harbour and hopped unto the rubber duck to head out to the open water.  We were given a safety briefing and set off on a fun 20 minute boat trip during which our skipper kept an eye out for whales – an added bonus to our trip. 70567c7c-dc17-4da2-9e2f-1bde67d6424b

At seal island – which is just some big boulders sticking out of the ocean – we jumped into the water for an adventure with the seals.  It was incredible to see the agile bodies of the sea puppies playing in the water right in front of us.  They came up to an arm length from us and curiously looked at our masked faces under the water before darting away to play with their mates.  We refrained from touching them since they are still wild animals although their friendly faces make it easy to forget that they have a mouth with 30-36 sharp teeth.


Watching the seals dart around at breakneck speed it was hard to imagine that they are uncomfortably slow on land.  In the water seals can move up to a speed of 37km/h or 23 miles per hour.  Their long whiskers pick up vibrations from their prey and predators.

The seals have hair all over their bodies – it is believed to help them move through the water and does not really keep them warm.  They have a gland that excretes oil to keep the hair waterproof.

After about an hour of playing in the water and exhausting our energy levels trying to keep up with our energetic water friends we got back unto the boat and started heading back to shore.  Our skipper did an amazing job looking for whales again and giving us great time on board.

Robin and Wynand – our guides – really went the extra mile all day to ensure that we had a superb experience and when we landed back on shore it felt like we had made some new friends instead of just being another tourist looking for a thrill.

All our correspondence with Keische in the days leading up to our seal adventure was answered promptly and we had a phenomenal customer experience that was worth every cent we paid.

Speaking of money – a snorkelling adventure will cost you R970 per person.  They also offer scuba diving, shark cage diving and diving courses.

If you want to make a booking you can contact us at 084 913 2391 or email us at and we will send you on the experience of a lifetime!

Now about next year… I had better start looking for something… something fun, something he will remember for at least another year… any ideas???

Much love