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South Africa

Into the Blue – a seal adventure in Cape Town

As November rolled around I was anxiously scrolling through my Entertainer's app to find something fun to do for my husband's birthday.  My fast paced, adventurous hubby is not exactly the type you can entertain with a beer and a... Continue Reading →

Traveling Italy with a baby

I had just given birth to our daughter, Ziya, a few months before ...  The last thing on my mind was Italy.

One Night in Doha

When you think about Doha the first image that comes to mind is probably desert sand dunes and oil.  Granted that that is exactly what Qatar is known for I cannot blame you, but I was recently pleasantly surprised to... Continue Reading →

Playing in Phuket

I looked at my bag again, considering another jacket and reminding myself that the weather on the other side of the world will be much warmer than the early winter frost in South Africa.  It is mental suicide to pack... Continue Reading →

Skyway Trails Hazyview

We decided to head into Hazyview on Saturday morning when friends came to visit.  The Skyway Trails seemed like a good way to burn some energy, make memories and have an adventure all wrapped into one.  Our friends brought their... Continue Reading →

Lose your heart in Upington

On our way to Kgalagadi Nature Reserve in the Northern Cape of South Africa we stopped in Upington for a few days before heading into the park.  We didn't have any reservations but simply drove until we found a place... Continue Reading →

Goble Palm Guest House

Every now and again my husband and I like to grab our stuff and head out the door with no definite idea of where we are going to stay.  We drive until we find a place and stay there as... Continue Reading →

MSC Sinfonia cruise to Portuguese Islands

Ever since I first heard about the MSC cruises coming to South Africa I always wanted to experience it.  We sell a lot of cruises at Easy Gallivant and when my husband bought us cruise tickets for my birthday I... Continue Reading →

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